Why are notes that are being imported in V9 from a V8 Brain different?
There seems to be a different way that notes are being displayed between the 2 versions.



TheBrain, iOS V10.0.
Windows 10 (V19041), Windows 7 SP1, OS X V10.15.x
Using The Brain since V3 (1999)


This is because the Notes section in TheBrain 9 has been completely written from scratch by us and we no longer use the 3rd Party Notes plugin that was used in TheBrain 8. You are seeing even more space than the default in your Brain 9 imported note because you have an extra line break at the top in your Brain 8 note. Normally, the space at the top in TheBrain 9 wouldn't be so large. The overall extra spacing/line breaks in TheBrain 9 Notes is something that is being reviewed, however
TheBrain 9 uses a styles that are different than TheBrain 8. TB9's styles include spacing between paragraphs by default where TB8's style assumed that the user would insert spacing manually by pressing enter. We are looking at ways to better handle this migration.

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