When I search my brain for, say, "Steve" I get search results that show anything that matches "steve" but that's OK because the thought I'm looking for is the Steve who is a person, which means I've marked him in my brain as type = people. This shows up in my search as:
B138D9D8-E9B2-4EE5-8B91-BD090B67E34F.png  which clearly shows that this Steve is (I'm guessing) a child of "People". This is great when that "<People" indicator shows up. But, I have other thoughts that are marked type = people, but when they show up in search results they don't have the "< People" indicator.  6F094D13-4086-4134-BA67-5EE657C3AF01.png  Why is this inconsistent? What does the < indicator mean?
It means you have another thought with the name Steve Bannon in your brain. It's trying to give you the ability to decipher which one you want, it gives you the parent of that particular thought.

If you cannot see the other Steve Bannon in the search, I would recommend going into Reports and running the Duplicate Names report which will show you all duplicate thoughts including forgotten ones.
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I would agree with Josh. It sounds like you may have more than one thought with this name.  Do you see Steve Bannon elsewhere in the search results?  

If I have two separate thoughts with the same name, I may see both in the search results, and TheBrain will display the parent name to help me identify which is which.


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