Often when I point to a tought plex freeze... ... 30"-90" later the thought appear.
What happen?
What may be?
Speed is one of the first benefit that I search in Personalbrain.

pentium IV, 2Ghz, 1gb ram
I get exactly the same problem : I can't use PB4 in the same way than PB3 due to a waiting time of 30 seconds for some thoughts instead ... no-delay in PB3. I work with a 1GB RAM / 1.8 Ghz AMD machine, under Windows XP at home and 1GB RAM / 2.6 Ghz PENTIUM at work : no difference, impossible to use it. 

Please can somebody of personal brain, reply to that remark ?

Thank you very much
I have to concur with these comments. Compared to PB3's smooth movement the PB4 plex engine needs some polishing to ensure consistent usability. Almost every action involves a delay and sometimes the response time creates a lag of events so that it can be minutes just to change a single thought which is unacceptable, especially on reasonable spec desktop less than a year old. The incremental steps of thought transition are often inconsistent, occasionally appearing to have almost smooth though slightly intermittent movement to sometimes moving only one or two delayed steps before appearing with new active thought. It's only when going back and looking at the flowing movement of PB3 does it hit home; this really needs some attention chaps not just for aesthetics but for usability.

It's understandable if there is extra diagnostic code in the beta versions but i do hope that the release versions will be increasingly optimised for speed, smoothness and responsiveness especially on larger data sets.

Ditto for delays in using notes also.

Thanks as always for the great efforts.


TB8022 32bit
Java 32bit Version 8 Update 141

Firefox, Office 2013 Pro Plus 32bit
64bit Win10Pro
64bit Primary Laptop, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7
64bit Secondary Laptop, 64GB RAM, Intel Xeon E3
Brain user since zygote
Under normal conditions, there should not be any delay when activating thoughts.

One possible culprit could be large notes files. HTML is not intended to be used for documents longer than a few pages. If you have longer notes, I would recommend putting them in a document as an attachment. We are planning on putting in an override so that large notes files are not automatically loaded to avoid this issue.

If this is not the cause, I would look at your memory consumption - if your computer is using virtual memory (your hard drive), all programs will experience delays when they try and retrieve things from memory that have been paged to the hard drive.

Yes. I'm writing large notes.
If I put them in a document as an attachment delay when activating thoughts disappear

Would it not be wise and desirable to build in some sort of automatic performance issue checking (and reporting) when PB4 calculates and reports statistics?

We know that there are a number of inherent limitations which are known to degrade PB4 performance. The average user however may not (yet) know about those or will have accidentally ignored what you know, all causing unhappiness.

Further there are many PB3 Users who have build their brains over many years and without consideration that PB4 will be exporting to SiteBrain and upload to the web.

With export to the web a key feature of new PB4 I really would like to see some automatic statistics generating feature which alerts me to the existence of potential memory hogs and/or massive upload size of individual files present.

I really would like statistics to generate lists of  specific attachments, notes or images that are over over a certain "ideal" size.

PB4 is rightly looking forward into the future and engineered on the premise that average user hardware and memory specs will continuously be getting more powerful, as will TheBrain.

Rather than castrating what PB4 can do, why not add some automatic on demand reporting as part of statistics which gives current users, (irrespective of what hardware currently deployed ) the ability to know about and attend to individual "problem" files in their brains whose size or other characteristic might  trip performance below a level that their current machine specs (or webspace) can comfortably cope with?

Eugen Hockenjos

Harlan wrote:
Under normal conditions, there should not be any delay when activating thoughts.One possible culprit could be large notes files. ...

Win7pro, PB, J - 1.7.0

We're looking at this and other ways of detecting problems before they happen. Thanks for the suggestions.


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