unlink does not work / system is useless if cannot choose what to use / appears to be entire disk hierarchy in system and will not go away - fumbling around for hours with restart and some (apparent) unlinks - and then it all just shows up again - cockroaches / looks like very buggy system

 Stats [attached screen shot here] shows a bunch of unfindable stuff that's not supposed to be there

support sent message back saying 'unlink' - uhh gee i've been trying that for hours / since i'm evaluating this and really had high hopes for it, i guess i just am trying to decide if this is just too buggy for use - and if cannot link to folders in a controllable way, then it's not useful for me

--- saw in another posting the following:

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You may also have to close and reopen the Brain doc ( at least on the Mac) to see the correct results of the unlinking of the virtual thought, as sometimes unexpected things occur. ( such as a virtual Thought Folder expanding to become the entire volume of your hard drive, with no parent thought to delete that from)

YES that is what appears to have happened - and then i did several things such as unlinked and shift key and got out, and changed name of folder, and moved some stuff - and THEN - after exit and reboot - tried to link again to the now-re-named folder that i need link to > the whole $#@^% thing was there again - cockroaches / and unlink, shift or otherwise, side list or otherwise - has no impact at all on the stuff / sometimes it 'looks' to be gone - but ... trying to look at some folders brings the whole hierarchy back again

i would just trash the whole thing and start over but i had created 50+ thoughts already, and linking to the disk-folders i need is the whole point of it - so no point in trying to start over since i don't know how to untrash it now / it's like a feeding frenzy - one folder gets chosen and all the rest jump in also - i'm not talking about a single channel hierarchy here - it went up and all around and, starting from a couple levels of folders down on E\ drive, the E\ drive itself is a Thought - no way do i want that / i'm not wanting some disk-organizer or disk-folder-tagging system - i need to organize 'projects' - and to be able 'choose' folders or not - and especially - to be able to get rid of the trash i do not want / can i do that or not ???
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Unlink does require you close PersonalBrain to fully clear the folders out. You shouldn't have to reboot.

You have virtual folders enabled. This allows you to attach folders to thoughts and they will appear as subthoughts, and you can browse through the file structure as you can your thoughts.
If you link a folder as a child, you can only go down through the subfolders. However, linking as a jump you are able to go to levels above the folder you orignally linked to. I found this pretty frustrating and don't link folders as jump thoughts.

It sounds like you want to just have a link directly to the folder and don't want to see anything else. Try going to Options > Settings, and under Thoughts, uncheck Show Virtual Thoughts for Folders. This will just put a shortcut to the folder in the Properties & Attachments window, and may be closer to what you want to see.

Sorry for your experience so far. Virtual folders is one of the trickier parts of PersonalBrain to get used to. Good luck!
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