I'm very regularly seeing the Brain die...

Say the brain is in a window that has gone inactive (lost focus),  sometimes (most times) returning to that window by clicking on a visible part of the window, or moving it to the front, will kill the application.  Happened to me many times, and no other application I use exhibits similar functionality.

Then of course the notes editor has a mind of it's own, too much time being spent trying to fix notes text into some usable form. Very frustrating. Basically the note functionality is unusable. 

Oopps! just lost the Brain window again when I went to get version information for this post! 

Brain -

Java - 1.6.0_11

Windows - XP SP3

Hmm Brain die .  Can you pinpoint how this comes about.  Does this only happen when you are in a specific window mode such as Autohide or Float?  Also, can you update your Java version and your PersonalBrain version to the latest and greatest.  If you still experience this problem the next step would be to send us a copy of your output.log file to and we can take a closer look if anything being logged can help troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing.


Best regards,

I see this a lot when I'm playing games that run in full screen, low res-- usually 640 x 480. When I tab out of them to make notes in PB (which I leave running as a floating window to have it handy), PB often "freezes" and is then dead.

I have to KILL the java instance listed in Task Manager, then restart PB.

While tabbing out of such low resolution, it will usually force any active applications, like MS Paint *and* Personal Brain, into resizing themselves down to 640 x 480.

When PB dies, it will leave a solid blank plex. The plex will be a solid background color (no wallpaper--- regardless of if there is wallpaper), and the floating frame boundry ONLY. Nothing else.

PB dies, in these cirmcumstances, whether it has focus or NOT.

I can reduce the amount of these PB deaths by minimizing the PB floating window--- but PB will DIE even when minimized. It just doesn't die as often when minimized.

It isn't 100% repeatible, but it happens often enough with any game that runs in full screen, low res.

This has been true across multiple XP machines, multiple java versions, and multiple games. It doesn't happen as often on my Vista box, but that might be because of the OS, or because the Vista box has more memory then the XP machines.
Usually when PB exits spontaneously it is due to a Java problem and there will be no information in the output.log file. Instead, look for a hs_err_pidXXXX.log file and send that to us. Often, this is a problem with display drivers and can be fixed by adding configuration information to turn off hardware acceleration of display as described below.

To turn off hardware graphics acceleration (when bad video drivers are causing crashes):

1. Close PB4

2. Create a text file and put the following content into it:



Make sure there is a linefeed (Enter) at the of the text. Save this file and name it PersonalBrain.vmoptions in the PB program folder. The first line disables "Direct Draw" generally for all rendering. The second disabled "Direct3D". In most cases only one of these two lines is needed, but doing both is easier. Greater performance may be possible by eliminating one line.

3. Restart PB4.

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