I had a perfectly operating TB on my windows 10 machine -- Surface Pro 4 with 8mb ram. Had not used TB for a few days and now it immediately crashes, most of the time.

If I do a removal of the program and reinstall, and then take the option to launch TB right after the install, it runs fine.  Exit and try to start TB even by going thru file manager to the directory and it immediately crashes. Have tried it on the new .1 release as well. Same result.

The only thing that has changed is there were some Windows updates.
However, on another Windows 10 machine it works perfectly and that machine has also had Windows updates recently. 

Anyone experiencing this? Any ideas of what to do next?

EDIT: If I run as administrator, it runs. I AM an administrator account but am invoking it from the file explorer menu. I guess that's why it launches from the installation menu.
-- The Cap'n
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You can choose to always run it as admin by right-clicking on the application icon and changing compatibility settings in properties. If you are still having trouble, please let me know.
Yes, that was happening --  did happen  -- to me as well on my surface Pro 4. Not sure if it was the November 18 update from Microsoft or something else. I also run the brain on a desktop PC running Windows 10 and that installation is still okay and did not experience the same issue.

Just before the brain started exhibiting that issue of not being able to load I had received a message from Oracle to update Java which I did. After that, the brain started exhibiting this issue.
The only way I was able to rectify it was to completely uninstall the brain. I use REVO UnInstaller which not only uninstalls the application but makes sure that every other piece of information on the computer created by the application, including registry entries, is cleaned out. Following that complete uninstall and a reinstall of 8021, the brain seems to be working normally again.
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