Hi Folks,

As I'm sure everyone is aware, MS is killing off support for Win7 in January 2020. My question is, how long will you "brainiacs" ðŸ˜‰ be supporting this wonderful software on Win 7?

I'm asking because I have absolutely no intention to move to another version of windows. I don't like the direction MS is going.

I am however, now running several different flavors of linux and converting my win 7 machines into virtual machines. Heck, I'm even setting up a bunch of XP VMs for my old games ðŸ™ƒ (now that I know what I'm doing...)

So obviously I'll be running Brain 10 in a windows 7 VM. Thus, I figured I'd check.

We'll keep supporting v10 as long as it is our release version, however, it becomes tricky if/when a new release with new features comes along that is no longer compatible with an older OS that is no longer supported.  In that scenario, you would need to stay with an older version of TheBrain. For example, v10.0.50 of TheBrain is currently working fine with Windows 7.  If version 11 of TheBrain (which doesn't exist yet) comes out in Feb. of 2020 and is not working on Win7... you may need to stay with TheBrain 10.

OK. Might I make a suggestion that you reach out to the codeweavers folks (wine and crossover)? it might simplify your development somewhat (or not, let's be honest) with a unified codebase / documentation without the java hassles?
Hi John. Thanks for your feedback. The last version of TheBrain that used Java was v8. Since then we have completely rebuilt everything with native functionality on every platform. 

As Matt said, the v10 does work on Windows 7. While v11 may possibly work on Windows 7 when it is released, this is not guaranteed and if it does not we will not be investing any significant development resources to make it work. 

Using TheBrain (and most other software for that matter) on an obsolete OS is an “at your own risk” proposition as the software vendor (us) cannot properly support it since the OS provider (Microsoft) has officially abandoned the platform. 

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