A few things:
The 'Page Setup and Multi-Page Printing' dialog box does not remember which printer was chosen if you go back into it - even immediately afterwards.  It always returns to the default system printer (unlike all (most?) MS apps)

The 'Print' dialog box behaves similarly.  It does not seem to retain any state info, nor to pass/receive state info from the page setup settings.

The 'Landscape' option is always greyed out in the page setup box.

Only the things that are visible on screen are printed, even if the plex extends beyond the edges of the screen - there ought to be some control over the ability to print everything that is currently "displayed" vs. only those things that happen to be visible at that instant.  In other words, in expanded view I can make the "visible" parts of the plex much bigger than can actually fit on the screen at any one time.  I'd like to be able to print this.


Thanks. These suggestions have been noted for the feature request list.

Here's are some print related low priority requests for the suggestion box:

1) Following on from Nick's final paragraph, a print/no print checkbox in thought properties, or some ability to hide a bunch of thoughts for printing would be useful. Example use, under an active thought i have a client's corporate organogram. I want to be able to print this in expanded view to include 3-4 generations of hierarchy. However, i don't need the parent, jump or sibling thoughts which are not pertinent to the information set. A hide or filter capability would be useful.

2) A print border checkbox to create a box frame around the page edge.

3) A print wallpaper checkbox to include the background in the printout. Useful for printing to pdfs etc, in addition to presentation snapshots.


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Thanks Jim. We've noted these also.


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