Wish List #2!

1. Since left- or right-clicking on a link currently allow the same options, I'd like left-click to automatically unlink and use the right-click for other options. Easier/faster to tend the garden.

2. It would be wonderfully useful to be able to select the attached/icon-ized file from the search box. That is, if a thought has a URL linked to it, you can currently click on the icon and go straight to the webpage whether the thought is in the plex or set as a pin or down in the history section. Clicking on the icon of something that popped up in the search dialog box could both open that file AND select the thought (bringing it in to the center of the plex skipping one step).

3. I like to print the plex so I can see my notes and related thoughts on paper. For this I don't need my lovely soothing background; perhaps an option/preference to print the plex without the background, eliminating the steps of changing the background before printing and then changing it back when done?
I like the idea of automatically unlinking while holding down a modifier key while clicking, but I'd imagine that having it default to unlinking could cause all sorts of accidents when you miss the thought and hit a link by mistake. Then again, maybe I should not navigate my brain while drunk...

I've ended up making a Theme specifically for printing. My normal theme is teh snappy, but not so much when printing, especially the links and outlines and such. So I created a theme that I switch to when printing, and now life is a bowl of plums again.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Drunken Master,

You bring up a valid point. To prevent accidental amnesia in The Land Without Control-Z, perhaps the reverse, then: Left-clicking links remains the same, and Right-clicking is the shortcut to unlinking?

- John "Wishlisting Fool" Roberts


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