I am combining two Brain features but am unable to get a clean display of the thought titles as I am implementing the GTD system. The features are using .01, .02, etc to force a reorder of sub-thought and using a comma to force an inclusion of the parent thought.

The problem I am running into is that the .01 numbering shows up when the parent thought is included. See attached.

Here is an example:

Parent thought: Paint the wall

Sub thoughts: measure wall, buy paint and supplies, tape wall, paint, cleanup

I want the sub thought order to remain the same so use the .01, .02, etc at the start of each sub thought title. I also want the parent thought title to show as well, so I use a comma and space at the start of the sub thought title. How can the .01, .02, etc be made to not show when the parent thought title is displayed?


as children thoughts of Paint the wall I enter
, .01 measure wall;, .02 buy paint and supplies;, .03 tape wall;, .04 paint;, .05 cleanup

Is there a way to effect this now or can this be added as a new feature?


Click image for larger version - Name: paint.png, Views: 28, Size: 386.71 KB

Thank you for posting. I see your point and I'll document for further review.

Thank you,

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