So, I'm actually kind of new to PersonalBrain. I've been using it for a couple of days and am up to 2000+ thoughts at the moment. It's the far most interesting information management/mind mapping-tool I've used, but it's still some things that bother me. And I would like to suggest the following (se lousy pictures below):
  • Multi-screen support.
  • Ability to move around thoughts on the screen and freeze them into special positions and save them as "desktops" or "working areas", whatever you can call them. Also the ability to choose in every working area how many thoughts and what kind of thoughts and in which tree the thoughts should be shown.
  • Pre-installed working areas like GTD, timeline, bibliography, studies, projects, etc. And ability to make and share this easy with others, like installing a plugin.
  • Pre-configured thought type/tagging options with choices as person, group, book, year, event, etc. Every thought type has importance to the special working areas, described above, by the ability to sorts thoughts by the tags.
  • New notes system. This one I found really most important, myself working with a lot of texts. I would like to just put the text under the thought in a re sizable box.
  • Web implementation, especially Wikipedia. If you are in the research/study working area and write the thought "flowers", it would be useful if the program automatically searches Wikipedia for the article "flowers" and give suggestions as links for appropriate pages or shows the article on the side as a floating note.

Any comments?

As far as the preconfigured working areas and types/tagging, I think this could be handled by user submitted brainzips, and using the copy thought function. They could be posted on the forum here or made available on the download page if they are really neat. Everyone has a different idea about how area's should work, and including it in the software may not be everyone's cup of tea.
I'm not sure what the benefit of displaying the notes page in the plex would be, when you can already view it at the same time as the plex in a separate window. It would be nice if the notes window could float even when PB is minimized.
I think there's also been a request at some point that PB can display web pages directly in the notes, or on a separate tab. I think this would really work well with the search function, as you described.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Many softwares includes different templates of documents, so I would say it wouldn't be so much different from that. But sure, everybody's not interested in that, but it could work something like when you open the program for the first time it asks whether you are interested in certain working areas and goes on an downloads them if you are.

I think the separate windows are annoying and ruins the wide perspective of the brain. And you also have to mark the thought to read the note. At least a choice whether to display them under the thoughts or as now in a separate window, would be useful. It would give a more "out-zoomed" view of everything if you can see the notes all the time. I really miss this when I use PB for study and work with a lot of text.
I would *LOVE* the ability to see the notes floating next to the thought name in the plex.  That's one thing I really wish PB had.
Also, for a timeline, see my post here:


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