Update: sorry, I think now TB is behaving correctly, don't know why it was acting differently earlier. Please feel free to delete this post

I recently noticed a significant delay of search performance, and I realized that TB is searching inside my .zip files. I know that TB uses Windows native indexing to perform search, so I opened "Indexing Options" and saw that indeed the option for .zip files is set to "index file content" (rather than "indexing only file properties"), so I changed it to "index file content".

It took a while for Windows to rebuild the search index. However I found that TB is still displaying results from inside .zip files. I restarted a few times and the behavior remains the same.

I *believe* that the content of .7z files are not indexed, so switching to 7-zip could be an option. But just for clarificatory purposes, is this the intended behavior? Are TB's indexing settings the same as current Windows indexing settings, or are they supposed to be independent?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Thanks for posting. We usually don't delete posts... just in case it ever comes up again, we'll have a reference of when the problem may have started.


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