I just ungraded to 10 and I'm quite impressed. I wasn't expecting this from the changelog but the most positive UX change for me personally is everything just feels so much snappier. I use keyboard navigation a lot and with 9.0 when you move from one thought to another with arrow keys there's often a delay. I don't notice the delay anymore in 10. The linkable type/tag feature and the regex search and replace are also huge pluses for me and functionalities that I plan on using a lot. The circles around types are really helpful because I no longer need to put little indicators in the name of types to distinguish them from thoughts with the same name.

Just a couple small feedbacks:

1. The "paste emoji as icon" & "select emoji as icon shortcuts still don't seem to work in Windows (I hear they work in macOS). Would be really nice to have that feature, as I prefer emoji to images for lots of reasons (for one thing, they usually look better when scaled; for another, I assume they take less system resources to display than image files as they are just fonts)

2. I never did report this from 9.0 and don't know if it's documented, but when you assign a keyboard shortcut to "Full Screen", say F11, and then press it in the Plex, it always crashes without fail. This is true of 9.0 and also true of 10.0, at least on my machine (win10, dell xps 9590). I know it's possible to enter presentation mode now, but I still would very much like a regular fullscreen experience, especially because I use TB mostly on laptop and I usually have a ton of thoughts in the plex

3. This may just be a shot in the dark, but now that we have linkable tags and types, I wonder if it would be difficult to implement linkable *links*? I lost count of the number of times I'm using TB and thought "man, I really wish I could just make a connection between *this very link itself* and such-and-such" [edited to add: for example, suppose you have nodes for many companies (Microsoft, IBM, whatever), and you link these nodes to people associated with them, some of whom are their founders; it would be nice to be able to create a parent thought called "X is founder of Y" whose children are these "A founded B" relationships. I know we have link types, but I believe there's currently no way to "navigate" to a link type in the plex and see all of its "children" (which should be links). Link types as currently implemented don't seem to have a "real being" in the Plex as a separate node, only an abstraction]. I know I can copy the link's local URL and make a manual link of sorts, or create an intermediate thought to simulate what I want, but these hacks are not very convenient (especially if you plan on doing link-linking a lot, as I do). I also understand if that would pose design challenges (how should link to links be visual displayed etc). But I thought I would broach the idea just in case.

4. Speaking of links, and this is really minor, I don't think there's a keyboard shortcut for navigating from a thought to a link emanating from it. The arrow navigation keys just jump over the links straight to the connected thoughts. And because there's (it seems) no way to go from a thought to a link purely by key presses (without using mouse), there doesn't seem much point in having an assignable shortcut for "Link Properties", because if you need to use mouse to focus on a link, you may as well just double click to open Link Properties. Would be nice to have "navigate to the link left/right/up/down" as assignable shortcuts. (But again, this is really minor for me; just something it'd be nice to have)

5. As far as I can tell, in the report if you search for some text, only Thoughts whose name contains a match are displayed - no Types are shown in the Report's search results even if the name of the Type contains a match. I don't know if this is intended behavior and I can't remember if 9.0 has the same behavior (I suspect not, because this behavior is somewhat surprising to me), but just to clarify, if I have a Type whose name is say "abc" and I search for "abc" in the Report (use default for all options), is that Type supposed to show up in the results?

6. The feature where you can now link to a thought in Notes by searching for its name is really neat and is one of the things I miss from specialized wiki softwares like ConnectedText/TiddlyWiki. The only feature I wish TB had is automatically update the link text if the thought name changes, so that if I link to a thought named "ABC" and later I were to change its name to "XYZ" all the links to it in Notes should now display "XYZ" as opposed to "ABC". With this feature I can see TB replacing a lot of wiki softwares for me. (Although I guess some counter considerations are: (i) some users might like the flexibility of being able to use a different link text than the thought name, (ii) since TB unlike say ConnectedText/TiddlyWiki uses a hidden unique ID (rather than link text) to locate the link target, changing the thought name won't break the link anyways)

That's all I can think of at the moment. Anyways, thanks for the great work on 10. Good to see so many real improvements being continuously added to TB.
[ accidental reply ]

Thanks for posting. I've documented your keyboard shortcut issue and other feature requests for further review.

You are correct that Thought Types do not show up in the Report Results, these are used for filtering in your reports and reports generally just show native Thought Names in your Brain (not attributes, such as types, tags, attachments, etc.)

Also, regarding the request to update a link to a Thought in your Notes when the Thought name changes... This feature has been updated in v10 so that you can link ANY word to another Thought in your Brain and the words do not have to match.  In other words, I can type into my note "... for more information, go here..." and the word "here" links to a Thought named "Additional Research"  If I change the "Additional Research" Thought name, I would not want to change the word "here" in the linked note.  


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