I have some data I want to visualize and TheBrain might be an ideal tool with which to do so. I wrote a small app to generate what I thought should be the XML to import into a brain but it doesn't import correctly.

As I have been unable to find any documentation of the actual XML requirements, I followed an sample file I found on the forums. However, it appears I didn't follow it sufficiently correctly.

The attached file is a greatly simplified version of the file I'm trying to import but it is structurally identical (basically, I removed the actual thought names and reduced the number of thoughts and links to something manageable.)

When I attempt to import this file, the only thought that shows up is the "Root" thought, and it appears only to be that thought because it's last in the list. The other thoughts simply never appear at all. When the import completes, there is a message at the top of the screen: 

Completed pasting Thoughts. 1 created. 10 modified.

Could someone give me an idea what is wrong with this XML file? And maybe point me to a link to the XML requirements for importing?

Hello Doug, 

Thanks for posting.  Try changing your <id> tags so that they say <guid>.  See if that helps.

Bah, I must have compared those fields to a working sample 20 times and didn't catch that. Thanks.

Is there any reference the defines the fields for importing XML? I'm also having a little difficulty making the links work the way I think I want them to.

Thank, again,
This is the info I've collected on it. Hope it helps.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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