This evening I was absolutely thrilled to discover that internal and external links in TB9 notes are now working! Such a happy find!


I have no idea when this fix was implemented, but I send my heartfelt thanks to the TB team for getting this feature up and running.

I'm also curious: when we click on an external web link in a note (e.g.,, TB9 now asks us of we want to open this external link in a new tab:


This is a FABULOUS help because the links will now no longer overwrite TB9.

However, I'm wondering why this dialogue box is even needed. Specifically, is there any reason that opening the URL in a new tab is NOT the default behavior?

This would save our visitors from having to click twice to open links in a new tab.

In addition, the dialogue box is a bit confusing because the only alternative to opening the link in a new tab is to cancel the link action completely, rather than offering the visitor another option -- and, of course, the only other option available (opening in the SAME window) is NOT an option I'd want to offer to my visitors.

Will be looking forward to the possibility of seeing external links opening in a new window by default, instead of triggering this new intermediary window.

In the meantime, many, many thanks for giving us a fix that allows both internal and external links to work, albeit with this little intermediate step.
I was also pleased to discover just now that when we are logged into TB9 web client, we now have the option of right clicking on a thought in the plex and accessing many new features, include short links for sharing TB9 thoughts.

Thanks again! ðŸ™‚

In light of this, I'm also now wondering: will we eventually have the option of capturing the short URLs for individual thoughts in TB9 web client to share with others when we are not logged in?

I'd love for my visitors to be able to capture and share these URLs, as well.

It would also be great if visitors could view the tags and embed codes, as well. Is this also part of the longer-term plan?
As I've continued to think about this option of right clicking on a thought in the plex, I was wondering if it would be feasible to allow web client visitors to right click on ANY thought (active, child, parent, sibling, jump, history, pin) and open a dialogue box with a short brain link that could serve 2 purposes:
  • the short link could be copied and shared and
  • this same link could also be opened (by default) into a new window.

There have been so many time when I've been reviewing other interesting brains online, and I wanted to be able to open several thoughts in different tabs, the same way we can open multiple web site links in new tabs.

Unfortunately, this has never been an option in TB8 web brain, and I know this has cut short the time I've spent reviewing other brains because there was no way to open multiple thoughts that caught my attention.

In light of this, I'd love to see this right click option (to open in a new tab) on ANY thought visible the TB9 web client plex. I think has the potential for making web client brains much more user friendly -- and I think it may potentially increase the total amount of time our visitors spend reviewing our brain content.

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