Parents with youtube links all start playing in the background simultaneously. When moving cursor around with mouse, parent youtube video is activated with background playing for all videos at the same time.

No way to know which videos are playing. Only option is to close brain and reopen. For Brains with multiple media links this make the brain unusable.

This bug was mentioned many versions ago.

Can I disable this function/bug?

Version 9.0.98

The only way I've found around this for now is to disable Update Content on Hover in the UI Preferences. 
The YouTube video will still play when you activate the thought, however, when you leave the thought it will stop.

However, this won't cause videos that are already playing in the background to stop, just future ones. So if you are already in that state, just restart TheBrain 9. [smile]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Thanks for sharing.  I'll take a fresh look at this issue.  You are correct that has been mentioned before.  It was fixed, problem returned and was fixed again in the past do to related updates/enhancements in the code for attachments.

Also - moving this thread over to our Brain 9 area for future reference.



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